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Office building, 10 Tsar Kaloyan Str., Ruse

The office center at 10 Tzar Kaloyan Str. in Ruse is a business building with history, located in the very center of the city.

Built in 1897 by the prominent Ruse architect Nigochos Bedrosian as a wedding gift to his beloved wife, Mariam, with richly crafted architectural shapes, plaster details of mascara, busts and exquisite stone ornaments. A monument of culture, of exceptional architectural value, completely restored, completely renovated, with preserved original façade.

In proximity to important administrative buildings - the Municipality, the Courthouse, the District Administration, as well as to a Shopping Center and shops, provides operability and convenience.

The office building has a built-up area of 1 620 sq. m., on six floors. The main entrance of the building is at Tsar Kaloyan Street.